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It was once a sitio of Barangay Pagalagala. With the help of the then Mayor Reynaldo Morente in 1970, Bangbang was created as an independent barangay. Election was held on the same year and Mr. Laureano Selda was elected chairman.

He was followed by Gregorio Saguid who became chairman in 1972. His term ended in 1981 but he was elected as Barangay Chairman in the same year. He was succeeded by Mr. LaureanoLayron in 1988. Mr. Layron was re-elected as Chairman in 1992.

Projects of the elected barangay officials include; clearing of the proposed barangay road using plow, pickmattock and spade. Barangay road was formally opened with the joined effort of the barangay officials and the people of Bangbang.

Year 1972 – 1981 Bangbang Barangay Captain was Mr. Gregorio Saguid and his Councilors were: LaureanoLayron, Agustin Lolong, Rubencio Santiago, Alfonso Panaguiton, Jose Malacas and Rosario Mawak; Artemio Villanueva is the Barangay Secretary and VisitacionCahilig, Treasurer. Their project includes renovation of barangay road.

Year 1982 when election comes and Mr. Gregorio Saguid was re-elected as Barangay Captain, his councilors include; LaureanoLayron, Artemio Villanueva, Jose Malacas, Rubencio Santiago, HerminigildoManubay and Mariano Almero. Aurora Halimbawa as Secretary and ArnulfoHalimbawa as Treasurer. Projects during their term include; gravelling of barangay road, construction of barangay hall and construction of multi-purpose pavement but unfortunately these projects were destructed by a super typhoon.

In the election held in 1992, Mr. LaureanoLayron was elected as Barangay Chairman and his councilors were ArnulfoHalimbawa, DoroteoSaguid, Bernie Santiago, ZenaidaSelda, HerminigildoManubay and Mariano Almero, his Barangay Secretary was Aurora Halimbawa and ArnulfoSaguid as Treasurer. Construction of Waiting Shed, Land Mark, Stage and Barangay Hall were their major accomplishments.

Year 1994 to 2007,Bangbang was headed by Barangay Captain LaureanoLayron and his councilors include; Bernie Santiago, EfrenLayron, ArnulfoHalimbawa, Elmer Madrigal, Angeles de Belen, Jaime Lolong and Arthur Luha. Francisco Luarca, Jr. was elected SK Chairman, Aurora Halimbawa was the secretary and Norma Monteras was the Treasurer.

Mr. Layron completed his full term as Punong Barangay. He was succeeded by Mr. Arthur Luhawho remains as the barangay leader up to the present.

One memorable incident that made Barangay Bangbang easy to recall was the emergency landing of a private plane in an open ricefieldin the late 90s. Also, Bangbang is well-known for the abundant number of firecracker manufacturers. For years, the barangay has been the supplier of local firecrackers and fireworks display.

Bangbang celebrates its fiesta every 5th day of April with San Vicente as Patron Saint.



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